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Cultural Philosopher: Austin Washington: Official Home

"George Washington would consider himself quite fortunate that one of his descendants was as creative and adventurous as Austin Washington."
- Jim Rees, Emeritus President, Mount Vernon

Austin Washington inherited his great uncle George Washington's position in a charitable organisation whose purpose is to advance the ideals upon which his country was founded – especially the idea that great people, along with personal freedom and limited government, create great things, a great society, and a great country.

✓ Done :) (click here - The Education of George Washington, PBS TV Show & Book)
Austin's current project expands his mission, incoprorating his other love - music.
Here are some videos Austin made during his travels that led to the offer to create and host this network television series, currently in pre-production.

More info here:

Austin's other current project He is working on a movie and a book If that sounds a bit vague, here is a video about his next book (the first of a trilogy of novellas which will comprise, um, a novel...and perhaps a second film). Included is a clip from the film, in the works, about love. What genre is it? As genre-breaking at UnFriended. This taster video doesn't do it justice, as the genre-breaking, dark, and imaginative parts haven't been filmed yet.

Free preview of his new book? Speaking info etc about George Washington? Collaborations? Music, TV? It's all here;

Austin recently made a casual attempt to swim in the social media cesspool. Although his head, arguably, stuck above the surface, that's a pretty low bar (to mix unmixable metaphors, but, what the heck...)

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George Washington

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Quick Facts

1) Award winning speaker Austin Washington has spoken (in speeches and through the media) to over 20 million people in many cultures and countries around the world in the past three years.

2) Austin Washington has been called a "future world leader" by the BBC, "America's Prince William" by visitors to Mount Vernon, and a "worthy representative of a great family" by Moscow's Shalom Daily News.

3) Jim Rees, Emeritus President of Mount Vernon, said Austin is "the speaker I received the most compliments on in a series of talks [Austin] appeared in at Mount Vernon recently, leaving the audience educated, entertained, and even charmed."

4) Austin Washington is currently working with two Emmy winners on some new film and video projects.

5) Austin produced, directed, and acted in dozens of plays, some with a production company he co-founded. A loyal following developed, with a typical - if unusually memorable - comment being "Better than the Royal Court" (theatre, that is...)

6) Austin Washington has done groundbreaking research in colonial American history, after earning postgraduate degrees in the field. Austin was then asked by Dr. Theodore Crackel, Emeritus Editor of the George Washington Papers Project at the University of Virginia, and Jim Rees, Mount Vernon's President (1994-2012) to combine his talents for writing and speaking to help bring the first new discovery about George Washington in 200 years to the world. He agreed, on the condition that he would not personally be compensated for this work.

Austin Washington Wants to Meet You

Austin Washington has a passion for public speaking, and would like to come to your neck of the woods - church, school, community centre, Carnegie Hall - or tree house. You name it, he'll come if he can.

Sign up for that, or for any further information Austin might want to share about making the world a bit more "good and great".

Austin has to do a lot of media to launch his book, but after that, there's nothing he'd like to do more than meet you.

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Award winning speaker Austin Washington has spoken to over 20 million people in many cultures and countries around the world in the past three years, live and through the media.

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