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"The best book ever written about the Father of Our Country."  Robert Williams, Rooftop Reviews

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George Washington's long lost guide to greatness is brought to life by his descendant, cultural philosopher and historian Austin Washington, who takes you on the greatest adventure of George Washington's life. And yours.
Why Buy?

The Education of George Washington is not a history book - and yet it is.

It's a book about your future, based on an amazing new discovery - the guide to greatness George Washington got when he was fifteen (reproduced for the first time, in full, at the end of my book.) This book takes you on the adventure of George Washington's life, seen for the first time through his own eyes. George used this newly discovered guide to transform himself from a poor, uneducated, awkward teenager, into the best dancer in Virginia, its best athlete, richest citizen, and all around-star, long before he became that guy on the dollar bill (who was, of course, much more than that.)

It wasn't easy.

Don't believe me? How about this:

George Washington was accused, long before the American Revolution, of accidentally starting...a world war (the Seven Years War.) You think you have troubles? Imagine that on your resumé!

Work Experience: Moderate schooling, ran a small farm, started a world war.

Once an Indian marksman was assigned to assassinate George. He took 19 shots at him. Why did the Indian stop firing, and become George's fan? Why did he miss in the first place?

It's all here. Written by an Oxford trained historian (me) with "the wit of Wilde, the depth of Gibbon." You won't be bored, you'll be informed, and your life will be changed.

Oh, by the way, did you know the Cherry Tree Story is based on a little known secret of colonial society? The story has at least some truth to it. At the very least, you're going to win bar bets with this book.

But it's so much more...

The Education of George Washington is not a dead history book about some guy who once lived, long, long ago. It's about something that lives today, and can even live in your own life. The Education of George Washington is about the values of a hero, and his (newly discovered) guide to greatness. It's about how George Washington internalised wisdom of the past that helped his future, and can help yours, too.

The Education of George Washington is an exciting adventure that can transform your own life into an exciting adventure. It's like a nutritious milkshake, or an inspiring roller-coaster.

Good, and good for you. Drink it up.

Buy (and fly!)

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